Book Trailer – Willa the Werewolf

Book Trailer – Willa the Werewolf

A new early reader by Michele McAvoy with illustrations by children’s illustrator Jan Dolby, published by Little Press Publishing.


The stakes are high for little Willa, a piglet living in a pig world, who turns into a wolf pup every night. What’s scarier to a pig than a wolf?  What would Willa’s parents and friends do if they knew she turned into a wolf?

Follow Willa through her journey towards self-acceptance, as this hopeful fashion designer, while desperately hiding her true identity from the world, toils in her parents’ basement to win a big design competition and ends up winning so much more!

WILLA THE WEREWOLF is a story for all who hide a part of themselves from the world solely out of fear; fear of embarrassment, fear of shaming, fear of being ridiculed.

WILLA THE WEREWOLF is relevant for all children who are hiding what makes them unique.

Willa is vulnerable. Willa is unique. And Willa’s uniqueness makes her fabulous.