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Are you looking to improve your drawing skills? Interested in what goes into designing characters? Jan thrives on sharing her love for art by teaching you how to improve your artistic skills. See below for a list of upcoming classes and workshops.

An illustration of a hen painting an easter egg

with Jan Dolby

Mondays | 6 weeks | November 7 – December 12 6:30 – 9:00 pm | 16+ 

Aurora Cultural Centre

Sharpen your pencils and discover the basics of drawing and sketching while learning a variety of techniques. Through in-class exercises and demonstrations, students will explore observational drawing, learning how to see, how to translate light and shade, positive and negative space, as well as value, perspective, contour, and composition. Instructional handouts will guide students through their process. New students and seasoned artists welcomed. 

with Jan Dolby

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July 4-8th, 2022

1pm – 4pm
Ages 9-12

Southampton Arts Centre

Character design isn’t only about drawing a character; it’s about developing an entire concept, world, and backstory to bring them to life. In this class, students will see how important it is to make characters distinct and different, with a clear impression of that character’s uniqueness. Students will learn about the design process for creating original characters, while learning about anatomy and structure so characters will look consistent in every angle and range of motion. Students will compose their own character’s history, story and create their character in 4 poses and use that information to create their characters in 3D using polymer clay and paint.

with Jan Dolby

SKU: 22c09
July 4-8th, 2022

9am – 12pm
Ages 7-9

Southampton Arts Centre

This drawing comics and graphic novel workshop will teach students how to create a comic character, a storyline, parts of a comic strip/graphic novel, lettering, inking etc. This class introduces students to basic techniques for making comics – covering both drawing and narrative techniques – with a series of fun individual exercises in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Students will learn arranging characters, settings, and speech bubbles inside a panel, selecting the right tools for your project, exploring style and illustrating stories.


Sunday March 6, 2022
10am – 2:30pm
Adults 16+

Aurora Cultural Centre

Drawing is the starting point of any artistic creation. In this virtual workshop for beginners, develop your technical and perceptual skills while being introduced to many strategic methods that will improve your compositional drawing abilities. Through guided instruction, students will refine their observation and rendering skills, as well as their understanding of perspective, composition, lighting, and shading. Different genres such as streetscapes, still life, portraiture (abstract and realistic) will be explored. The focus is to build perception skills and hand-eye co-ordination, because all drawing is an active way of seeing! Simple Materials List available for download above.

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