Taking pre-orders….


I created many birds this past February as a personal drawing challenge. Now they can be enjoyed by others in 2017.   They may branch out to home decor pillows as well.

Creating a 2017 Bird Collection calendar….

Since I illustrated my bird collection in February of this year, I have been wondering what to create with all the colourful images. So… a 2017 calendar seemed to fit. I will be taking pre-orders starting in October and selling the calendars at Beyond Craft Show and Sale 2016 in November.

2017-front-cover 2017-bird-calendar-back-cover-jan-dolby

the wise bird…

I began my bird drawing challenge with a whimsical drawing of an owl and I will finish with a more realistic version of an owl. He looks very wise. I see things a little differently now.


A few of my favourite birds…

This month I challenged myself to draw 29 birds. It seems that my more realistic birds are a hit. Here are a few of my favourites from this month. I have a week left. I might miss these birds.

number-bird-9number-bird-10number-bird-16number-bird-17 number-bird-19number-bird-21