Tim Burton Exhibit – Toronto

 …here’s my Jack Skelton…
…can you tell that I liked the blue guy a lot…..very funny.  My favourite works in the show were…Tim Burton’s desk blotter complete with doodles, 3D figures of Corpse Bride characters, Mad Hatter pen drawing, the grouping of Jack’s (Nightmare Before Christmas) facial expression heads and Edward Scizzorhands leather costume was pretty impressive.

a new adventure….

(c) 2011 Jan Dolby
…a brand new adventure for me…these three paintings are just a few of my images that have been licensed to a terrific Canadian company that caters to room decor for children and infants.  They’re going to be huge sellers! 

new children’s book illustrations…

(c) 2011 Jackie Kramer and Jan Dolby
Soon to be released…”How Lilly Ate The Rainbow” written by Jackie Kramer, illustrated by Jan Dolby …a collaboration between friends Jackie Kramer and Jan Dolby….an really cute ebook about a school project and how yummy it could be.