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We’re working on Gabby #2!

I’ve set up my drafting table for the next Gabby book!  We’re starting today to create the most adorable characters and illustrations for the next Gabby book written by Joyce Grant.
I love this stage….creativity takes over and magical things happen. I’m diving in with everything ounce of artistic creativity and Gabby is going to tag along for the ride. Watch for updates featuring Gabby and myself. Maybe teenie weenie Margaret will join us too!

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top secret book….still secret.

…..illustration by Jan Dolby

..for the past year I have been illustrating a top secret children’s book…which is still top secret.  Here is a sliver of one of the pages of the book….all the illustrations have been done in Photoshop with the help of my favourite friendly Bamboo tablet.  Many coffees, hand cramps, hours sitting at my computer…..after all that I think it’s going to fabulous when it’s completed. There’s a magic tree, a dog, a cat, a couple of kids and many handfuls of candy throughout the book.

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(c) 2010 Jan Dolby
….might need some magic this week…..this is my favourite word.  It’s actually spelled out in my livingroom.  A needed reminder to my family that there’s always magic in the air.  A positive attitude kind of magic.
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my favourite page from my colouring book…

(c) 2010 Jan Dolby
….a peek at my colouring book.
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a new adventure for me….

I’ve decided that I’m going to write a story and create a colouring book around it. This is my new adventure. The story is quite cute, magical, full of funny characters and funny things. I can see the illustrations already. It will be geared towards girls. I’m hoping that a second colouring book will be created just for boys…I’ll test the waters with the girls first. The colouring book will be launched during my studio tour October 16 and 17, 2010.

I just read the first 14 pages to my family. And…..they liked it. It’s a bit out of this world, crazy funny and weird….but it’s totally original and the images will be fun for girls to colour in.

Back to the writing…..and being funny.

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