Hair Dresser Characters

Hair Dresser Characters

Hair Dressers from Curlilocks and the Three Hares

Illustration of three rabbit hair dressers

Everyone far and wide loves Curlilocks’ hair. Everyone except for Curlilocks, who is ready to quit her curls and discover her “just right” ‘do.

With picture day fast approaching, Curlilocks is ready to quit her curls. When she finds the three Hares of the local salon have hopped out, Curlilocks chooses to take her hair into her own hands. Dripping dye, sizzling styles, and excess accessories lead to ‘hair’larious results that leave Curlilocks in a tangle. She will need a curltastic idea to reclaim her mane and her confidence before picture day.

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Willa the Werewolf

Willa the Werewolf

book cover of Willa the Werewolf a blue werewolf in the night

Willa the Werewolf

Michele McAvoy
Illustrated by Jan Dolby
ISBN 978-1956378139
Little Press Publishing

2023 Winner – Early Reader / Chapter Book Category
Northern Lights Book Award 

All will enjoy this unique contemporary twist of the timeless fable “The Three Little Pigs.” Willa is an endearing young wolf who wins over three famous pigs.

The stakes are high for little Willa, a piglet living in a pig world, who turns into a wolf pup every night. What’s scarier to a pig than a wolf? What would Willa’s parents and friends do if they knew she turned into a wolf?

Follow Willa through her journey towards self-acceptance, as this hopeful fashion designer, while desperately hiding her true identity from the world, toils in her parent’s basement to win a big design competition and ends up winning so much more!

Illustrated Early Reader.