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Gabby Drama Queen (placeholder cover)
This is not the final cover for Gabby Drama Queen – instead, it’s the placeholder we’re using on the site until we have the real thing finished.
The second book in the Gabby series is Gabby – Drama Queen.
It’s scheduled to be in stores by September.
Without giving too much away, it’s a fitting title since Gabby and her friend, Roy, will be putting on a play. But first, there will be a big problem that only Gabby’s word-book can solve.
In Gabby – Drama Queen we introduce best-friend Roy, and nutty (but loveable) neighbour Mrs. Oldham. Some of the old gang will be sticking around, like the bird and the frog. And, of course, Gabby and her magical book.
The manuscript has been polished and submitted and Jan Dolby has been burning the candle at both ends creating the brilliantly funny pictures. Editor Christie Harkin has been solving problems and the rest of the Fitzhenry & Whiteside gang has been making sure that Gabby is a success (first things first). Thanks to the whole Gabby team!
Gabby, on the other hand, has her hands on her hips at this moment and is looking at me sternly because I am supposed to be writing the literacy activities for the back pages of Drama Queen today instead of blogging. I’ll do it, Gabby, I promise! (Gotta go, folks.)