Jan Dolby offers children focused graphic design, art direction, illustration and picture book services.

Picture book illustration of a blue bird


Illustrations made by Jan Dolby deliver the most creative images to challenge the minds of kids with unlimited imagination power and thinking skills. Jan’s high-quality images carry the magical ability to impact human minds especially kids. Her illustrations are unique and one-of-a kind ready to provide impact to the audience and are created from paint, markers and graphite, digitally scanned and completed using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Illustration of a beaver wearing a crown

Character Design

Are you looking to design concept art for your next character in a book? If you are looking to bring your ideas to life, Jan can help you. Jan provides the best concept art illustrations ready for paper as well as screen. She will help you bring your concept character design to life.

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Graphic Design

From initial concept drawings to print-ready files and everything in between related to book design process including: cover, jacket and layout design, sketches, story boarding, mock-up art, typography, art direction, character development and more.

There’s no limit to what you can get designed with Jan. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning greeting cards, this talented artist can make it happen.

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Picture Books

From storyboarding to sketching cover designs, picture books are what Jan loves to do. She is happy to take on full or any part of the project, from initial concept ideas to full set up print ready illustration files. Jan has illustrated over 20 picture books for publishers around the world.

illustration of gorillas

Art Direction

Jan has the skills and experience to create a concept that will help you achieve all the goals of your project. Art Direction is more than simply overseeing the practical execution of creative solutions. It is the development and execution of an idea through a visual narrative. The ability to engage an audience through illustrations can exceed the ability to tell a story through words.

Comic strip illustration for womens health publication

Client Work

Jan adores her clients. No project is too small. She provides excellent service, is deadline driven and passionate about their projects.

Clients include: Crayola Canada, DCB Books, Scholastic Canada Education, Happiness Is Inc., Ontario Arts Council, Clockwise Press, GAPC Entertainment , Rubicon Publishing, Fitzhenry and Whiteside Publishers, BookLife UK, Save the Children (Sweden), MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, LifeWay Kids, Ransom Publishing UK, To Know is To Know, Women’s Health Foundation, Below Your Belt, Farfaria, LilyLu & TT2 Publishing, and Magic World Media.

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