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jdolby Gabby Wonder Girl cover

Gabby Wonder Girl

hard cover, 32 colour pages
ISBN 978-1554553846
Published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside
Summer 2016

Gabby returns as Wonder Girl in the third book of the Gabby series. When Gabby finds a mysterious photograph in her backyard, she teams up with her best friend, Super Roy, to figure out who the strange girl in the picture is. Using her magic book and the power of punctuation, Gabby and Roy must ask the right questions to solve the mystery and save the day.

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jdolby Below Your Belt cover

Below Your Belt

softcover,  195 pages
ISBN 978-1-5088-0705-6
(chapter book) Young Adult
Published by Women’s Health Foundation

Factual and fun, Below Your Belt guides you through the Pelvic Region starting with bones and muscles, moving on to bladder and bowel health, and checking in on ovulation, periods, and more, all the while taking the taboo out of these topics.

Silver Medalist – Independent Book Publishers Association, Ben Franklin Award for Editorial and Design
Gold Medalist – Independent Publisher Book Award, Recognizing Excellence in Independent Publishing, Award for Juvenile-Young Adult Non-Fiction
Gold Medalist – Nautilus Book Award, Better Books for a Better Word, Juvenile-Young Adult Non-Fiction
Gold Medalist – Next Generation Independent Publisher Award, Health and Wellness, Children’s Non-Fiction, Finalist


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Riding the Potty Train

soft cover, 32 colour pages
ISBN 978-1-5010-4285-0
Published by Women’s Health Foundation
spring 2015

Riding the Potty Train is the first picture book to address pelvic health needs of little girls as they are potty trained. With correct anatomical names and the five steps of Women’s Health Foundation’s Potty Pledge as its cornerstone, Riding the Potty Train is sure to keep little girls on track.

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jdolby Gabby cover

A Curious Case of Poetry

softcover, 16 colour pages
ISBN 978-1-4430-3229-2 (small book)
Published by Scholastic Canada Ltd.

cover by Jan Dolby

Part of the Literacy Place for Early Years


jdolby Gabby cover


hardcover, 32 full colour pages, ages 2 – 6
ISBN 978-1-55455-250-4
Published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside

Gabby reaches up, up, up to put away her last book when suddenly, the book tumbles out of her hand and the letters inside scatter around her playroom! Before Gabby can collect them all, the letters take on a life of their own, “spelling” disaster! Will Gabby manage to tame her new “word-mates” and show them how letters can also make “f-r-i-e-n-d-s?”

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Winner – Rainforest of Reading Festival, Montserrat 2015
Nominee – Rainforest of Reading Festival, Grenada and St. Lucia 2014

Ontario Library Association’s Best Bets Top 10 2014
Canadian Toy Testing Council Toy Report 2014 Award Winning Books
– Recommended Reads Canadian Living Magazine’s Family Fun Guide summer 2013 – Great Summer Reads
The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens 2013 – Picture Books for kids ages 3 and up

 “….the images evoke an innocence and timelessness that can only be found in a child’s world.” – Quill and Quire, Canada’s magazine of book news and reviews, April 2013

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jdolby Gabby Drama Queen cover

Gabby Drama Queen

hardcover, 32 full colour pages, ages 2 – 6
ISBN 978-1-55455-310-5
Published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside

Gabby back for a dramatic, word-filled adventure! “Our play will take place in a royal court,” announced Queen Gabriella. “I can be a swordfish!” said Roy. “I’ve always wanted to be a swordfish.” A swordfish? Fish don’t belong with queens! A swordfish will ruin the whole play! What’s a drama queen to do?

“…illustrations bring to life the friendly collaborative nature of the children…” – CM Magazine February 2014

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jdolby SugarPlumTreeCoverThe Sugar Plum Tree

hardcover, 32 full colour pages ages 0 – 6
ISBN 978-0-615-85004-7
Published by LilyLu & TT2 Publishing, LLC
Dream. Wish. Believe.

Going to sleep has never been so sweet! Find The Sugar Plum Tree at


cover july 21 2011 outlinesHow Lilly Ate The Rainbow

hardcover, 24 full colour pages, ages 4 – 8
ISBN 978-0-615-53761-0
Published by FastPencil

A school assignment on “healthy eating” has Lilly unhappy and stumped. Lilly’s dad has an idea. Lilly begins her grocery store scavenger hunt where she finds the answer at the end of the rainbow.


jdolby Phobiatopia coverPhobiatopia

paperback, 32 full colour pages, ages 6 and up
ISBN 978-160844-713-8
Published by Dog Ear Publishing

Vicky has a terrible time at school because she is bullied by Mallory every day. When the principal sends both girls to detention, Vicky’s luck changes. Jobo leads the girls to a wonderful place called Phobiatopia, where everyone is welcomed and accepted. But Mallory doesn’t follow their simple rule, so she is finally taught that there are consequences to her actions.


jdolby Jig Jiggle Sneeze bookcoverJig, Jiggle, Sneeze

hardcover, 32 full colour pages ages 5 and up
ISBN 978-0982114125
Published by Magic World Media

Rhina O’Virus is a mischievous rhinovirus who plays havoc in the nose of an unsuspecting little girl. Rhina sneaks into a building—a nose cell—with her special key and upon discovering the cell’s copying machine, duplicates herself to make a new bunch of playmates. They jig and jiggle, wiggle and dance, and play hide-and-seek and Marco Polo until the police force attack—and then “Whoaaah-ah-ah-choo!” Now the little boy has caught a cold too! With enchanting narrative and delightful illustrations, this whimsical story describes the process of viral infection, the immune system’s response, and the mechanisms of contagion through the common cold, providing an educational and fun learning experience for curious children

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