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Studio update….

I usually post an image on my blogs…but today I feel like writing.  I just finished two huge art shows. Participated in both shows as an artist and also sat on the volunteer committees organizing the shows.  Both events were very successful.

On to more success…just released my first illustrated children’s ebook on utales.com plus it’s available in hard cover from fastpencil.com titled “How Lilly Ate the Rainbow”.  A cute story about healthy eating written by Jackie Kramer.

Other successful news….I’m illustrating two new children’s books.  One for Canadian publisher Fitzhenry and Whiteside and the other a newly created US publishing company. 

Getting back to my table drawing has been a real excitement for me.  I love drawing and creating new characters especially if they can be drawn in silly situations.  That’s so much fun.

The character in the Canadian book is an adorable funny looking girl and the US book is full of candy and more candy.  So much candy that I’ve been listening to “Pure Imagination” song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and “Toot Sweet” song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a lot.

So things in the studio are moving along to selective music, candy, sweets and a whole lot of fun.  That’s the best thing about my job.

I love what I do.

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a prince and a princess…

(c) 2011 Jan Dolby
…a little bit of royalty.
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a page from the new book…

(c) 2011 How Lilly Ate the Rainbow by Jackie Kramer, illustrated by Jan Dolby
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a queen of hearts…

copyright 2011 Jan Dolby
….my queen of hearts….
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