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2 more hot off the computer….

…alien nation coming off the computer this week….a couple more illustrations that
 I have been working on that relate to the picture book I’m writing. I’m enjoying
the freedom of Photoshop and Illustrator. 
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top secret book….still secret.

…..illustration by Jan Dolby

..for the past year I have been illustrating a top secret children’s book…which is still top secret.  Here is a sliver of one of the pages of the book….all the illustrations have been done in Photoshop with the help of my favourite friendly Bamboo tablet.  Many coffees, hand cramps, hours sitting at my computer…..after all that I think it’s going to fabulous when it’s completed. There’s a magic tree, a dog, a cat, a couple of kids and many handfuls of candy throughout the book.

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it’s just the best thingy…

I truly love what I do….this week I signed a contract with a Canadian book publisher and I’m so terribly excited about it!  It’s been quite a week…before the book contract I signed a contract to license 30 of my images.  My dream!  All this with a crooked, broken, half working, monster, beast of a computer.  So now I’m working on my new, brand spanking, lovely, scrumptious, pretty new computer that’s a fast as lightning!  Oh…gotta love a new computer!

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